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Snow report: January 12, 2015

Snow depth at the Red Rock Lake park office snow station on January 12, 2015:
106.3 cm/ 41.8 in.

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Sign of Spring #3 – Open water on the Horizon!

We were up on top of the rock hill behind the Agawa Rock Pictographs on April 5. Off on the horizon, past Montreal Island, we could see a dark band along the horizon that could only mean that there was open water beyond the snow-covered ice along the shore of the park. IMG_1465

Earlier this winter, it was reported that over 90% of the surface area of Lake Superior was frozen. The satellite image of April 5 shows that the lake is quickly becoming ice-free. You can see that there is open water west of Montreal Island.Ice Montreal Isl jpegApril 5

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Signs of Spring #2 – Return of the Peregrine Falcon

Agawa Rock Pereg cropped

A pair of Peregrine Falcons were observed looking for a nest site in the Agawa Bay area on April 5. The picture is one of the Peregrines.

We also saw a female Peregrine Falcon perched on a dead birch tree near the top of a cliff at Old Woman Bay.

Peregrine Falcons usually return to the park in early April. They will feed on forest birds (like Blue Jays) and gulls (who have returned to the islands they use for nesting). Ducks will not be on the menu until the lake and rivers become ice-free.

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Snow depth report: March 31 / Old Woman Bay popular in winter

The snow depth report for March 31 is 142.3 cm/ 56 in. This is almost the same as the report on March 24. We had lots of snow in the past week (20 cm/8 in.?), but the snow is starting to settle with the warmer temperatures.

One of the park staff took their ice auger out on Red Rock Lake: the fish are safe.
(one could dig a hole in the snow and then use the ice auger to get to water).


Word has gotten out about the ice caves and ice arches along the shore of Lake Superior, north of Old Woman Bay. Here are a couple of pictures from March 29 showing the vehicles parked at Old Woman Bay and the people coming and going to the ice caves.
WARNING: the ice caves and arches are getting unstable due to warm temperatures and rain – be safe and view them from a distance – do not go inside the caves or under the arches – they could collapse at any time.

People walking to and from the ice caves north of Old Woman Bay

People walking to and from the ice caves north of Old Woman Bay

Vehicles parked on the highway because the Old Woman Bay parking lot was full.

Vehicles parked on the highway because the Old Woman Bay parking lot was full.

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Signs of Spring #1 / Snow depth report – March 24, 2014

Here is a sign of spring in 2014 – you can now see the park office sign on the side of highway 17!

Another sign of spring is that the highway surface has no snow and it is dry pavement. However, a couple of snowstorms are forecasted in the next 7 days.

The snow depth report for March 24 is 142.5 cm/ 56.1 in., an increase of 13.8 cm/5.4 in. since March 17. This is the second highest snow depth this winter.

How does this compare to the previous 2 years? In 2013, there was 111.8cm/ 44 in. and in 2012 there was no snow at the snow station at Red Rock Lake.

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Snow depth report – March 18, 2014

The average snow depth at the Red Rock Lake park office on March 18, 2014 was 128.7 cm/ 50.7 in.

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Canoecopia: world’s largest paddling expo

We were at the 2014 Canoecopia last week in Madison, Wisconsin. The organizers say it is the largest paddling show in the world- we have been there many times, and it is BIG. Start making plans now to go to the 2015 Canoecopia – you won’t be disappointed.

Lake Superior and Lake Superior Provincial Park were featured in 2 booths/displays at the show: Ontario Provincial Parks and Naturally Superior Adventures.

The Ontario Provincial Parks display featured maps and information about Lake Superior Provincial Park.

If you want to know more about Canoecopia, go to their website:

One of the big attractions for the show is the variety of presentations. There are 10 presentations every hour (89 presenters and 114 topics), ranging from paddling around Lake Baikal (Russia), the coast of France, Lapland, to closer areas like Pukaskwa National Park; The Art of Great Adventure Writing; to Understanding Boat Design.

Here is a list of the topics and speakers from the 2014 event:

First of 4 episodes of “Wild Canada” (part of The Nature of Things) starts tonight (March 13) on CBC television:

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Snow depth report – March 10, 2014

The average snow depth at the Red Rock Lake park office on March 10, 2014 was 137.1 cm/ 53.9 in.

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Get out in March – part 2

We checked out Old Woman Bay in the evening of March 5. Good snowshoeing/xc skiing conditions both to the south and to the west. It has also been good for ice fishing.

***Be careful and smart when parking at Old Woman Bay. A large parking area has been cleared, so if it is not busy, you should be able to park off the highway shoulder. Also park smart: don’t take up more space than you need and don’t block other vehicles from coming into the parking area or from leaving the parking area.###

If you look carefully, you can see 2 people on the ice near the left edge of the picture.

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